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Thread: Tying the Tie: A Modern British Silent Farce

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    Hello there,

    As a new member I thought I should share something that I have done before. This is a film Narx Films made a few years ago. Narx Films is Nick WIlkes, Murray Andrews and myself. I was doing the camera work on this... which is awful, but part of me is quite proud of this little film, which was our first. The second ended up going to the Cannes film festival.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed that. Very well planned and choreographed. Without the trick of foreshortening time by means of cuts, you had to keep the action and the gags flowing, which i thought you did remarkably well. Some of this required an incredible amount of planning. The lead actor was absolutely fantastic and excercised subtle expressions rather than the extreme (learned it from the stage) actions that I'd expect for an old time film - and I think this works well in this particular film which isn't attempting to be authentic "old film" but something shot a little "in the style of".

    I don't think you were around when I posted which attempts to be more authentic (UPVC door aside) but falls short in the humour stakes.

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    Thanks Tim. I'm thrilled that you liked it. We have actually come quite a long way since then. In the past 6 years I have done little in terms of film but it's always been an interest and now (setting up the production company) we can do so much more as well.

    I've just watched your film by the way and really enjoyed it. Great effect you had on it too and it really fits the style.

    With 'Tie' we wanted to go for a similar feel but we also wanted the quality to be as good as possible which meant not degrading it with similar effects to the ones you used. The original edit was a much darker, richer colour but the fashion now is for desaturation so I took that in to account when re-grading for the YouTube release, which we only had to do because Revver seems to be down all the time. Actually, you can see the colour on the trailer we did:

    Murry, Nick and I were all at college together and studied performing arts. They are both fabulous performers and very funny people. The newer work that Burnt Papyrus is doing seems to lean towards the fantasy / horror genre because that is what links all of the people involved in it but I do enjoy working on comedy.

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    I'm very impressed with shooting the whole 15 mins in one shot. Takes a lot of organising and good coordination. I had a few chuckles watching it.

    Well done.

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    Thank you Much appreciated.

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