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Thread: Tim Stannard experiment.

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    Default Tim Stannard experiment.

    I can remember a post from Professor Tim with a link demonstrating the clear difference in resolution between Pan/Crop and Track Motion. Blowed if I can find it now! Does it still exist Tim?

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    You are not wrong Archie, it's there somewhere but I've no idea what thread it was on.

    Found it. HERE
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    Now isn't that strange? I was thinking only the other day about tidying up my YT channel to get rid of these silly little things I post here to demo bits and pieces. In the end I decided against it on the basis that just maybe someone would go through an old thread and be genuinely interested in the results. Hence I left it. And the silly sample titles and the re-sync'd band video that someone else posted.

    I rather like the "Professor" title. Whilst academically and technically I don't qualify at all, I am getting somewhat absent minded, I have a tendency to repeat myself, I do wear glasses, I have put on a certain amount of middle aged spread, I am showing distinct signs of male pattern baldness and I have a tendency to repeat myself.

    Now, where did I put that camera ...?

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    "Professor" because of the experiment Tim, and also because your pic looks like you're looking through a microscope.

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