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Thread: FX: Photoshopping Each Frame?

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    Lightbulb FX: Photoshopping Each Frame?

    Sometimes I pull a print screen, to freeze an object such like this (0:04):

    But it had me thinking, is there a way to decompile a MTS or M2TS file so you can work with each frame independantly in photoshop? The ability to isolate objects and make selections are powerful tools and could probably create some awesome FX once you create a template for each shot or scene, maybe this is what after affects does? I have never used AAE before.
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    In Vegas you can render as an image sequence. Which means it will produce, in your case 30 separate image file for every second of footage. You can then manipulate them in Photoshop etc. Then you can bring them back into Vegas and render them as a video. BUT that would be 1800 images files for one minute of video. OR 1500 images in the UK.

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    Hmm, maybe I should try After Affects. Does Vegas render completely uncompressed images?

    The thing that scares me with After Affects is you can not make cuts with it and such so your path becomes a double render, I am yet to achieve this even in Vegas properly. Lets say I need to compress something so much I need to render it twice (super time lapse) at least this goes for MTS and M2TS, your KBPS goes down. My MTS files are upwards of 17,000kbps but the highest option under Sony AVC M2TS is 16,000kbps and even if you choose 16k, it never renders 16 it's usualy between 14,000-15,000. So how well does AAF handle those file types?
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    It used to be that you needed to export as an image sequence to take video into photoshop. More recent versions can open up video files, I use after effects for this stuff so I can't really remember since when. And again I'm not sure what formats it can or can't open, but I'm sure you could find out easilly enough.

    You'll find that if you learn after effects this stuff becomes a whole lot easier. You can make cuts, place your cti where you want to cut, select your layer and press "control", "shift", "D".

    You might want to look up "time remapping" in after effects as I think you'll find this very useful. You can use it for fast/slow motion, ramping, freeze frames etc. etc. You have a great control using bezier, liner, hold etc. keyframes and you can do pretty much almost anything in relation to the manipulation of time.

    This tutorial isn't that good to be honest but it will give you a start:

    VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals


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    I tried, CS5 does not support M2TS.

    I will try to toy around with AAE and see what I get out of it, mainly I will upload two test files to Youtube (one with AAE and one without) to compare one on each screen playing at the same time to determine if there is any quality loss on the untouched sections of footage.

    That time remapping tutorial was neat, sounds like it does a better job at rendering slow motion then any plugin for Vegas (makes 30fps slowed down look like it was shot at 60fps)
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