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Thread: $100 Dirtbike Build

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    Default $100 Dirtbike Build

    My first time combining Photoshop tools with my videos, and I love it!

    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
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    G'day mate,

    I liked the song choice and the photos were good. About half way in however, I lost interest because for me, someone who knows nothing about motorbikes, each picture became just another bit that I didn't know what it was for so there was nothing new for me and therefore I lost interest. My advice would be to try and get the pictures to tell the story enough for it to make sense to someone who doesn't know much about the mechanics that way if the noobs understand then it goes all the way up the ladder to the pros who will also get it, then you have a video that everyone can enjoy. If you're targeting this video at a more specific group however say other enthusiasts my advice might not be much help.

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    Ehh, I already tossed many photos of the process that would not make sense to someone who does not know mechanics. It was literally already skimmed out, but I have a little bit of everything on my channel so this is one for the mechanic subscribers. Plus it was made for and posted on an all terrain vehicle forum video section. I had already spent way too much time making the video using photoshop.

    PS- If you would have made it another 10 seconds the middle is pictures of the bike completed and the last half is the bike running lol
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    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
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    I should have watched the whole video the first time so I apologise for that. I watched the rest of it to see it going. Can you ride it yet? I was waiting for you to mount it and drive off!

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    Yep, drives nice but I did not bother because there are tons of videos of CR80s riding on Youtube much better than mine condition wise. It's for sale so there will be a video riding it up soon.
    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
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