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    A video I did for my family at my cottage, just wanted some feedback before I let them know it's on the net, enjoy!

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    For it's purpose I'm sure it's great, as a retrospective for your family to remember your holiday. But I found myself skipping big chunks of it as for me it's just a montage of different clips placed together with no narrative. Some nice shots, but I can't say I watched it all.

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    Some nice images, a few wobbly shots like the sun set @ 1:20. For the casual viewer it's far to long but as a aide de memoire for you and your friends it's looked like a great time.

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    You seem to have an eye fro what makes a good shot and what might edit well (there were some great macro & shallow DoF shots and some stuff which worked really well slowed down), but then you also mix in some really poor stuff (the hosing the camera around the accommodation with auto exposure causing all sorts of nasty blooming).
    And as clay_9 points out - it's just a collection of shots.
    Lose everything but the best shots, try to construct some sort of narrative - so the vierwe wants to see what happens next & what happens in the end and you'll get a much better 2min film for a general audience.
    On the other hand - for the intended audience, I'm guessing it's fine.

    To make this much more interesting for the family in the future, mix in some live sound of them speaking. No need to do an interview or anything formal, but memories are about sound as well as pictures - and with families they're about the stupid things we often say.

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    Thanks for all the feedback, obviously the video is for my family, making it longer, and I was not always in control of the camera, but I'll be sure to improve for next summer!

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