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Thread: Funny silent skit

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    Default Funny silent skit

    Made this with my buddy, I am new to the site and I just wanted to know what people thought about it.

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    It's not bad but the end let it down as though you just ran out of ideas for the story. I think you speeded it up a bit too much, if you are trying to mimic the old silent comedies. The titles were also wrong as these normally appear as separate title cards in original Charley Chaplin type films. I think you filmed it ok, although I did notice a wobbly shot or two. These are made more apparent when you speed up the video.

    So a promising start but it went down hill with a lack of story line.

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    I'm not quite sure what you're going for here. You've speeded it up (as Midnight says rather too much) to mimic old B&W film, but done nothing to take away the fact that it looks just like desaturated colour video. B&W film looks very different - quite apart from teh aging process. The music is more out of talkies era (think Laurel & Hardy) than silent movie (which should have a Wurlitzer + SFX or a honky=tonk piano to mimic the man in the pit accompanying the silent movie). Another issue, if you're trying to mimic silent movies, is that the camera would never follow the action. It and the tripod were heavy buggers and once set fora scene that was it. And, again to echo Midnight, plotwise you ran out of ideas.

    Still, a worthwhile effort and shows more imagination than a lot of stuff we see posted.

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    It's not bad. This film actually made me want to post Tying the Tie (which is now on here somewhere). The ending's not the best, admittedly, but the basic concepts are there. Obviously, comedy is subjective and that will always be a problem.

    One thing I would say is that silent comedy works on the viewer seeing things, not reading things. There were titles a lot of the way through the piece and that detracted from the comedy for me. There is an old adage in writing "Show, don't tell." and it is true with silent films as well. In fact that's true of all films really. If you can show an audience keys left on a desk as someone is trying to get in to the building, they will understand the gag without having to have a line of exposition. Reading in a silent film detracts from the action and the action is what actually conveys the comedy. It's like Hitchcock said, if your audience is thinking, it's not emoting. Comedy is all about emotions.

    In terms of effects, I agree with the others. It's not looking like old film if that were the point but that's not always easy to do if you haven't got the tools to hand. I think it would look better if you sped it up slightly (very slightly) and then lost a few frames here and there.

    On the whole though, I thought it was a good attempt.

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    Im not a slow ready by any means but found it hard to read some of the text, especially as it was moving around at times and was never quite sure where it would appear. As has already been said I think it was sped up too fast, couldn't catch some of the actions.

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    Thank you for the feed back. I did notice that I did speed it up after watching it a couple times. But this is my first attempt at a silent skit.

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