Hi there,
I have a series of .MOV files created on a Sony PMW-EX3 which I need to play on my MacBook.
They won't open in QuickTime
In VLC, the video plays but not the audio
In RealPlayer, finder preview, and various other programmes, audio plays but no video
iMovie won't open them.
I gleaned that the EX3 uses MPEG2 and downloaded the QuickTime mpeg2 codec from Apple, but QuickTime still returns "can't open, you may need additional software"
I tried Streamclip - audio but no video.
When you "get info" in the finder it says:
codecs: mpeg-2 video, linear pcm, timecode
color profile: HD(1-1-1)
total bit rate: 36,559
original format: MPEG HD
I have tried them on other computers (mac, pc) - no dice. I cannot get access to the camera on which they were originally shot or stored.
Any ideas?? My best so far is to open in both VLC (for video) and RealPlayer (for audio) and try to play in synch - but this is imprecise and unwieldy.
Help much appreciated )
thank you, Adam