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    Red face PROM Video

    Hey all, so I created a video for a group of friends for their senior prom and I was hoping to get some feedback. I just started making these event types of videos and I noticed that it was very difficult getting the shots to be smooth. I was using a DSLR and almost all of the shots were done hand held.

    Here's the link:

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    Hi there, I think the video had a fun, upbeat feel to it and I am sure that your friends will treasure it. If you are looking to improve it though, these would be my suggestions. Please bear I mind they are just opinions, and I am not a professional, so I would suggest that you read my comments, think about them and then make your own mind up

    Firstly, the Ever Green Valley cut was a fraction to fleeting. I had to pause the video, rewind and re-watch in order to read the name. I am guessing the name is important in this video, so maybe hold it for a second longer? This might work throughout the video actually, as there are many quick cuts, and the viewer can barely register what they are seeing before it is gone on a few occasions.

    There were a couple of black cuts. Not sure the first one worked or added anything in my opinion, although the second one at 1:48 where it coincides with the slight pause in the music was OK. The first one looked like a frame was missing.

    You appear to be shooting a lot of your shots either directly into the sun, or with the sun to the side of your subjects. This makes the subject of your shots darker and more shadowed. Look at the car at 0:03; the tree at 0:10 and the couple at 0:57 for examples. The last example has the sun coming from the side, and as a result the lady is covered in the gentleman's shadow. If that is an artistic decision then I apologise, but I would suggest that you would be better off having the sun directly behind the camera more often, so the clarity of your subjects is enhanced, and the shadows of their features is reduced. As I said, unless there is a creative reason for this, then making sure that the sun/ light is behind the camera is a good idea.

    Pans. They don't work, in my opinion, when you are holding the camera. The speed the camera moves on a hand held shoot speeds up and slows through the pan, which makes it look jumpy and wrong. I would avoid using them, unless you find away of making them smooth.
    Overall though, it was happy, sunny and full of the people who I am sure will treasure it forever. On that note, if you could find away to mix some natural audio in with the music, that might add some sound bites that your friends can look back on and enjoy in their old age J

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    Mike seems to have it covered! To reiterate one of the things he mentioned. There's too much camera movement in my view: most of this is portraits, people will want to look back in years to come and see what they and their friends looked like. For this to be effective you need to frame people's faces fos a second or two - not continually pan across them as you did in the first part of the video. By contrast, the schots of people getting into the coach were perfect from this perspective. They moved across the camera's frame, but paused to look at the camera.

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    I liked the fact you tried to shoot from different angles and that you tried some tracking shots, these would obviously be better if you had some sort of stedycam or glidecam. I'm very impressed with the render quality of the video. Please tell me you didn't shoot this with a DSLR (I know your going to say you did). If you do a focus pull make sure you get the image in focus or don't use it in the edit, you missed with the fountains @ 30 seconds. When you are filming people having their photo taken it might be nice to see the photo in the edit with a title put in of there name. I know years later you won't remember half the names of the people in the video. (you'll just have to trust me on that).

    Over all a nice feel good, upbeat memento of your prom.

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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to give feedback! I will definitely look to create smoother pans or try to avoid using them at all hand held. Thanks again!

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