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Thread: 2 Camera people needed for Promo Music Video

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    Default 2 Camera people needed for Promo Music Video

    HI guys

    I'm an Irish jack of all trades over in London to make a music video for an Irish Alternative/prog rock band called 'New Secret Weapon'. The song is called 'The Freak'!/newsecretweapon & the plan is to shoot it in a boxing club in London.

    I will be directing and editing the video so there will be a list of shots ready for you to capture. If you have ideas that would be great too but its not essential. The shoot will take 6 hours & will be in black & white. I can only afford to pay you 50 & cover your travel expenses. You will be fed too.

    Here is a link to one of 20 live music video's I produced.Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Please dont contact me complaining of how little I can pay you as I feel when the video is complete, it will be very nice to have on your showreel.

    Many thanks

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    when is the shoot?
    Ive been shooting for music tv for the last year,
    give me a shout on 07501363338, always up for more showreel material!

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