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Thread: Somerset Die Horror Trailer

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    Default Somerset Die Horror Trailer

    Horror trailer I made for fun called Somerset Die (Somerset Drive is the street at which the house was purchased).

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    It lacked pace which Ithink in these days is needed for this type of movie. I couldn't hear what was been said when he was on the phone. Also watch your white balance is was off in a few shots.
    The FXs in the mirror was good but the blood didn't work for me as I didn't understand what was happening.

    The important point is that I would like to see the movie so long as the above points are corrected.

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    Thanks for the feed back! I'll work on my lighting (I'm teaching myself, which in turn is creating a very slow learning pace), and the blood on the wall was simple blood on a wall, no other significance to any story that I gave. (Which I realize wasn't much other than he bought a haunted house). Thanks!

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