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Thread: slow motion filming?

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    Default slow motion filming?

    hi there

    im using a canon 550D and i mostly film offroad motorcycle racing and motocross. my question is, what shutter speed do i use to film in if i want to create a smooth, clear slow motion shot when editing?

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    I would experiment with your camera to see how it works best. I have found with mine that shooting with a fast shutter speed 1/1000 + if you have the light to do so and a high frame rate which is even more important.

    Hope this helps.

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    For NTSC(I don't know if its the same for PAL), you should be shooting in 60fps to get a true slow motion. 2 frames for every one frame.

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    thanks for the replies.

    im shooting in 30fps at the moment. whenever i shoot, thereis a lot of naturual lght, so changing the shutter speed shouldnt be a problem.

    so you say then that i should b shooting at 60fps with a very fast shutter speed, if i have the lighting to do so?

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    Seems logical to use the fastest shutter speed (to reduce camera blur) and the fastest possible frame rate (to record as many frames as possible).
    However, I suspect the final results could depend on the video editing software you use. I think that some simply duplicate frames (in order to make the frame appear slower); but that others are able to construct new frames (based on the current and previous frames).

    However. I have never done it, so please feel free to ignore my guessing.

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    I would suspect your guessings are correct Tim. There is a plug in for FCP on the Mac that produces really nice slow mo but Vegas is not the best. I did a video recently of a fountain and slowed the footage down to as slow as Vegas can go in one sitting. While it created an interesting effect, it looks more like a bunch of stills with a slight fade between them. To really get good slow mo you need a camera with very fast frame rates. BUT having said that the thing you are filming is also a factor. ie if you are filming something that is moving really fast, it's much more important to have a very very fast frame rate.

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    I guess DSLRs are different then camcorders since it lets you shoot at a certin frame rate but then also let you adjust the shutter speed, thats pretty cool.

    Found this one

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    Camcorders let you adjust the frame rate and shutter speed. Well mine does. Up to 50 fps and down to 12 fps. The shutter can be left open if you want a nice blur of lights for time laps night shots or 1/8000 after that you need two suns worth of light, even with the iris fully open.

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