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    Hello all, Stephen here

    So I bought Movie Studio HD Platinum off, and have really been enjoying it. I use youtube a lot for tutorials on how to do stuff, which is great and everything, but I have come to find out that a lot of the really super cool stuff that can be accomplished through video editing is done in Vegas Pro. Which I didn't buy, due to its $600 price tag. But so many people do tutorials on youtube in Vegas Pro, which they even mention they got for free, which I'm know was done through pirating and torrents. This is very unfortunate. I am a very honest person and don't believe in taking for free, what other people work hard for, electronically or otherwise. So my question is, is there some kind of upgrade I can buy for my version, that will make it Sony Vegas Pro 10? I was looking around on Sony's website, but all I found were upgrades for going from Vegas Pro 9 or earlier - to Vegas Pro 10. Or do I have a completely different program?

    Thanks for the help and God bless,

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    Hi Stephen,

    I'm glad your honest and therefore assume that your failure to grasp that you are breaking the law when trying to break the copyright code on a commercial DVD in another thread is an honest mistake.

    To answer your question, indeed you can upgrade from any Movie Studio to Vegas Pro and the good news is it's cheaper to but Movie Studio then upgrade than to buy Pro in the first place. Quite significantly cheaper. I don't know why you couldn't find dthe link. Top left on this page will sort you.

    Sony Creative Software - Online Store - Upgrades

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