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Thread: Do you believe in ghosts? Check out this video and give me editing advice PLEASE.

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    Default Do you believe in ghosts? Check out this video and give me editing advice PLEASE.

    Thankyou for popping in, Im needing advice about quick and effective editing skills.
    I use pinical studio and a Sony handycam Hi8 video tape based camera set at 0 lux infrared.
    The reason I use the old sony Hi8 is interesting indeed. First of all, any information documented can be kept as a chemical negative. I know the higher quality digital cameras produce a digital negative, which brings me too the spooky next point.
    It is believed that the energys of which we are intent on recording use electromagnetic energy as a way to manifestation or at least it appears to be some kind of bi-product of manifestation. This electromagnetic energy appears to cause problems for cameras. You may have heard of the theory that batterys are drained at the time of a haunting? Well all I'll say is that I have personaly had instances were a camera battery, the illuminator battery and the information from dvd disks in the camera have all instantly been drained and the dvd rended useless. It is true to say that the cameras we use now still get drained at these times, but at least now the information up to the drai is captured and stored upon the tape in the camera. I hope you understand.
    Anyway back to what I was saying...any help with editing would be great thankyou.
    YouTube - Real ghost hunting vide, The Star,Rawmarsh. Hauntastic events.

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    Aside from my own personal opinion that the whole subject is a bunch of old tosh - my main criticism is the length of the piece (I was bored rigid) and your insistance on using 'eerie' music to attempt to heighten the drama and make it seem more interesting. Also - the titling looks very amateur - not just the style but the content too.

    I guess it all depends who your intended audience is - if it's people such as yourself, then perhaps they'd find the endless scenes interesting and the pumping up of audio to the point where anything could be attributed to it (I swear I heard a crowd cheering England on (not) ) then maybe you've hit the mark. If your aim is to get someone interested in the subject and draw them in - then I reckon you've failed.

    So - my advice - edit tighter and focus on key 'occurences', change the titling for something more modern, get rid of the eerie music.
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    Thankyou for your input, but your personal opinion of the subject matter is indeed not an issue here. We input spooky music as this is an entertainment dvd which is meant to open people imaginations. If I was to out a video together which only showed factual points, there would be no video as psychical research is mainly theoretic any way "as is known science if we are being honest". The videos vary in length depeding how much occurs during the event. Some are 30 mins + and some only 6mins. It gives people an over view of there time with us. As for drawing people in, thats not the point of the videos, they are mainly to give people a memory of there time with us while showing a few odd pieces of documented evidence at the same time. You won't have heard anyone shouting England by the way lol. There are sometimes no pieces of evidence so we would end up showing nothing, so we do the best we can with what we have. I do take on board the point about the music though, maybe more up to date. But the Dvd is meant to be entertaining and I think it does that. Plus lets remember Im on a time skedual while producing these videos so I can only do what I can in the time given. The stuff you guys produce is excelent and I would like to get great results at at short time scale, but maybe thats a catch 22? Thankyou loads for your input, I will note your comments. Iain.

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    One tip which you may wish to consider is, on the nights that produce no phenomena you might just like to show more of the people after all the video is made as a record for the attendees of the event. Most people get a bit of a kick from seeing themselves on the telly. So show who is there and what they are doing. It's always good to get plenty of footage just in case nothing happens.

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    Default thankyou

    Thankyou for that. I do sometimes go around and get footage of people, but its a bit awkward due to the environment needing to be kept very quiet and empty. But I will be more aware of it in future. I do tend to get a bit carried away with the investigation. But that can't be a bad thing lol, just means Im doing my best. Thanks again. Iain.

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    My main advice would be to drop the music and the sound effects. If you want the viewer to see this as real people, investigating real paranormal activity that is. The music and sound effects make it seem to me like dramatisation, and as such, I lose any thread of trust that may have been there when I pressed play. It feels fake, and therefore I don’t believe it.

    If the viewer is led to believe that you caught on camera a real 'voice from the other side' then I would say absolute silence, broken only by breathing and footsteps would make it a thousand times more believable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hauntastic View Post
    .It gives people an over view of there time with us...
    Ah! - So - not for general consumption as such then, but more aimed at the people you have invited along...

    Was tempted to say in that case they're probably bonkers already and it won't matter - but I guess that's unfair and unobjective.

    On a serious note, if the people have already sat through the 'events' I guess you'll be able to get away with a bit more. I do agree with Mike TV who put it much better than I did though - it really does feel fake as it is.
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    Default You would never believe it lol.!

    Just before you sent that masage, I had a mail from Youtube saying I couldn't use the music because it belonged to Sony lol. I shall indded do what you say. No music no fine . Thankyou.
    They are real situations though and I agrea thet it does loose gravity when I put boooo! music on.
    There shall be no more. Thankyou for your coment..great stuff.

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    Please excuse the spelling lmao...I sent it then checked it. Im a little drunk you see. Thanks again.

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