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    Hi I am about to purchase a Panasonic HDC-SD60 camcorderbut I am a little confused regarding the best type of memory card to buy.

    I have decided on an SDHC card for cost & performance reasons however I noticed that Lexar produce a range of Full-HD SDHC cards.

    Can anyone tell me what the advantage of such cards are over standard SDHC cards. Do standard SDHC cards store HD footage or do I have to purchase Full-HD cards to store footage at high quality HD.

    If standard SDHC cards do store HD footage then what cards what you recommend.

    This is my first camcorder so plenty of advice would be gratefully received


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    Thanks for all your replies, its very much appreciated NOT

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    It depends on the class. Theres usually a number inside a circle.

    Regular SD cards only hold upto 2gbs for memory. So anything 4gb's and up will be a SDHC(High Capasity).
    Just becuase I cards doesn't say Hi Def, doesn't mean it can't handle it.

    There should be a recommended class number for your camcorder. The higher the class, the more information it can handle per second.

    I have a Panasonic HMC150 and the recommended class number is 6, it'll work with class 4, but Panasonic recommends 6 for this model.

    What brand you should get is up to you.

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