This is where we are today. Pinnacle is sending me a new DVC100 USB to replace the PCI-500 capture device that came with my Studio 12 Movieboard. Because of all the OOS audio to video time codes being off, this hopefully will solve this inconvenient boondoggle of wasted time over the past year.
I removed the Studio HD14 Ultimate, re-installed the Studio 12 software,and kept my PCI card in the MoBo, but now, when I receive the new Dazzle DVC 100, should I first uninstall the 12 software, remove the PCI500 card, then reinstall either the 12 or the 14HD studio,then try to capture using the USB DVC?

I'm not sure when I originally installed the PCI, then the software
(as directed) if the program added any drivers off the CD for the PCI card or not.Would it make any difference anyway?

So the question remains...should I just leave the Studio V.12 on the computer and try the Dazzle when it comes, or uninstall the 12,and reinstall the 14 HD?
I know it comes down to personal preference,but for the analog capture, would it make any difference to just use the studio 12 over the HD14, and use the 14HD for HD Video when I ever get a HD Canon Camcorder?
Thank you!