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Thread: Enjoy Your Life! (my motivational video)

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    Lightbulb Enjoy Your Life! (my motivational video)

    Hello everyone, my name is Mike and I am new here.

    I want to show you my newest video project (and also maybe best for now )
    Its motivational video . I always wanted to make something like this, because I watched a lot of inspiring movies or videos.


    0) I had lot of ideas
    1) I recorded all clips, it was pretty fun.
    2) Postproduction - I edited all clips in AAE (color correction)
    3) Put everything together in Sony Vegas

    Please give me some IDEAS, COMMENTS, ADVICES and CRITISM... I need it for next video projects
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    Hi Mike I see you used what you had to the max. Including milking every clip past the point where it should have been cut. An example the walking shots at the beginning. These should have been much shorter clips and cut faster together. I think you have got some talent with the camera and had some nice shots. I liked that you used the music to create to different emotional levels in the video.

    Basically you've kind of got the basics but need to learn to be more brutal in the editing stage. 8 mins is a long video for must YouTube users. This should and could be cut down to half this time to make the video more watchable for the average YouTube user. You can perhaps have longer versions for different audiences but I think for this it would be good practice to see if you can be disciplined enough to chop it down by half.

    I like the positive message you are putting out.

    One thing I'm curious about is why you chose to do the colour work in AE and then put it together in Vegas.

    I'll leave some things like camera work, framing etc. to others to comment on.

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    Thanks for reply, Midnight

    You are right, I cut "real" clips like this first time, and how you said, I did it too long. Now I can imagine first part of this movie a lot shorter.
    But the second part (happy) need to be little bit longer, you know, you see some text and you think about it. But I agree, some scenes can be shorter

    What you wrote about average YouTube users is right I will try to be "brutal" in cutting in my next video projects!

    And about thing (AAE+Vegas) I just edit colours of clips in AfterEffects and then render it. In Sony Vegas I cut clips together, add texts and music.
    I have weird feeling that I am doing something wrong

    Thanks for advices!
    Mike V.
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    I have weird feeling that I am doing something wrong
    I'm not saying it's wrong. Perhaps you can do a better colour job in AE, I don't know, I've never used it. I use Vegas for everything I do and found the colour correction tools quite good. It would save you doing an extra render if you could do all the work in Vegas but do it the way you can work best.

    There isn't always a right and wrong way to do some things.

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    I think there are some great shots in there but Midnight is right - it is way too long. It was actually counter productive. You started on the positive motivation bit and, yes I got the message and then I began to get frustrated because I wanted you to get on with it. Take time to walk with my dog and take in what you see - OK I get the message and a few seconds of illustrative would be fine. I don't need time to think about it - you've planted the seed, please don't try to ram it down my throat. I felt considerably less motivated after watching than before!

    But ... that's not to say all is bad. I think you've got a good idea and a great selection of shots, but you really need to be brutal with the edit. Very brutal. You're not going to get the message across in this media. you need to use the media to sell it and people watching it are most likely watching it as part of their hectic life. You can't expect them whilst scanning thorugh YouTube clips (or however they'rve come across it) to suddenly change pace and watch an 8 minute message which could be got across in one and a half. Go for the quick, "hit them between the eyes" approach with the message and hopefully it will sink in and they will consider it in more detail when relaxing, maybe before dosing off at night.

    I reallise that all sounds negative, but I did think this was a great effort.

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    Thanks Tim for critism!

    Really, I needed exactly this. Your words really help me.
    It was my first try and now I now what I have to improve and change.

    Thanks a lot, guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichalVurm View Post
    Thanks a lot, guys!
    You're welcome. I should perhaps add that it is much easier to see these things when you're not involved in making it in any way

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    Can't say much else that hasnt already been said, I felt it went on a bit too long. I consider myself a happy person who enjoys life anyway, but couldn't help feeling the video was at times a little bit (fo the want of a better word), mushy.

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    I like some of the shots, but when it ended I thought thats 8 minutes of my life I wont get back TBH.

    Far too long.

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    I would agree with everything that's been said here. Some very pretty shots - but way too long. And I found the music grating personally. I'd also like to suggest, along with the tightening, is add some sort of story arch. Progression through a video is typically what keeps me interested. The very simple build up, and climax model goes a long way. It doesn't need to be a fluent story, but some involvment required from the viewer, other than seeing an assortment of pretty video shots.

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