About me and why Im here.
I am a paranormal investigator and I run an events company. We attempt to keep things as real or un real as we can and I have to produce short videos of events and investigation evidence in order to keep people updated and give people a memory of there time upon our events. We are very open minded and understand that even though we often capture strange events occuring upon our investigations, we could given more time explain some of them. There fore we produce videos for people to observe in order to reach there own conclusions.
I am here because it takes a lot of time to produce the videos and Im looking for quicker ideas and new effects..I use pinical 12. A run video from 4 sony IR 0 lux Hi8 cameras "theres a theck reason for that conserning investigations" and I also use IR illuminators.
Any ideas welcome. Just be aware that we at Hauntastic Events can not use hard drive or dvd format cameras.