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    Default Menus in DVD Architect 5

    Please see attached, I have inserted a menu/scenes into my video - see attached. In Preview the Menu and Scene Selection all appear before the actual video is played. After burning to disc again the Menu and Scene Selection appear before the actual video is played. However, when playing the DVD on the TV it misses the Menu etc and goes straight into the video. Can someone advise me as I do want the menu to appear when played on a TV.
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    Whats your "End Action" for the menu, "Hold"?
    Is there music in your menu? If not try dropping 30secs of audio and see if it shows up.

    My guess is that you the have your "End Action" set to "Activate Button".

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    Post a complete screen shot - we can't see much on that one. As Solo sez....check out what the 'end action' is set to.

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    Complete screen shot attached:
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    Yes, as Solo suggested, you've got the end action set as 'activate button'. (right hand side next to 'command') Click on it, and choose 'loop' if you want the menu to repeat itself (Music playing etc) or 'hold' if not.

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    I am confused - not difficult. Firstly thanks for the suggestion but I am afraid it did not work. Started again and this time menu fine on PC but with TV it appeared at the end of the video! I would really like it at the start. Please see attached screen shot. Also not sure what "? Link most recent menu" means. If you can help I shall appreciate it.
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    Hmmmm...bit strange. I use the Pro version, so may be a bit different, but would have thought the basics are the same. Firstly, "Link most recent menu" just means that when the video finishes playing, it's going to go back to the last menu used. (Exactly the same as commercial DVD's) So that's normal. You have the star on your menu, which indicates that it is the 'start' item when the disc loads, which is correct. Can't understand why that's not happening. If the end action is definitely NOT 'activate button' I'd try changing the 'auto calculate' on menu length to 'specify' then put in say 5 mins. I'm thinking that being only 12 secs long, (Or is that 12 frames?) if it's still set to 'activate button' it'll start playing almost as soon as the disc is loaded.
    There has to be a reason why it's not showing when you load the disc.
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    Used a Verbatim DVD-R, no change with my DVD player to TV, video first menu at the end. However, on my daughter's DVD player and tv played perfectly, menu first followed by video after clicking on appropriate button. Do not understand it but problem appears to lie with my DVD player.

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    I'd guess that your player is slow loading, so missing the menu at the start. As I said, it's normal for the menu to appear at the end when the 'film' stops.

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