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Thread: Looking for Videographer in West Midlands area

  1. Default Looking for Videographer in West Midlands area

    Hi All,

    I am after a someone to cover 1.5 hours of the Grooms house footage on the morning of the wedding day, he lives in West-Brom. It is an Indian Wedding and I shoot with DSLR so if you could accommodate that format then excellent, but otherwise I would expect it to be shot in nothing short of HDV native 25p.

    I will be covering the main wedding and brides house during the morning which is why I require someone at the Grooms house to get general atmospheric shots, getting ready shots, anxiety shots and then finally the Groom leaving the house which will entail some Hindu ceremonial activities but nothing major.

    Nice easy job if your not doing any thing on July 16th 11am-12.30pm please email me at and if you could please provide your labour rate for this specification.

    Thank You
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    Folks just to let you know that this is still open, no one has taken this job yet so please get in contact with me asap. Cheers.

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    this post is closed - the job has been taken, thank you

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