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Thread: Video editing effects please :)

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    Default Video editing effects please :)

    Hey there everybody!
    I'm making a campaign ad soon, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on the effects being used on this video:

    Like how it has almost a "bluish emotional" picture tone to it.
    Also i I was wondering, how can I select part of the video and blur the background to bring a certain object in the video into focus.

    I am willing to use any program.


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    You'll be able to achieve the effects you want by using Adobe After Effects. The colour correction you want is pretty simple, you just have to use the 3 colour corrector and bring the blues up slightly. To blur a selection of the video, you have to duplicate the video, mask the selection you want to remain unblurred and bring that to the front, and then use a fast blur on the background. If you've never used After Effects you can see some tutorials here which will show you all the basics: VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals

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    Using layers and masks to create depth of field has problems. When you blur out an image the details get expanded, it's just the same as if you blur out an image in camera.

    If you can imagine that you have a shot of a person standing in front of a brick wall, you duplicate the layer, mask around the person (animating if need be) and blur out the background layer. What you now have is a nice crisp in focus foreground layer, of the person only, and the back ground layer, the brick wall, is out of focus. But there is also a horible dirty blurry glow of the person around their edges. This is the person on the background layer who's sharp edges have become expanded in the blur.

    Sometimes if you have a simple static background, such as a brick wall, you can clone stamp the background layer to paint out the person, and your going to blur it out anyway so you don't need to take such precise care.

    But there are other ways to do it. The best being shooting the video from the camera with the apropriate settings to get a narrow depth of field, it's pretty much always best to do something in camera if possible. But if you must do it in post (and sometimes you must) you can create a depth map. You need to mask, tracing the video, onto solid layers of varying levels of grey (a depth map). Anything you want in full focus you make white, anything in full blur you make black, and anything inbetween you make various shades of grey. Then using a plugin like Frischluft lenscare, you tell after effects to apply the blur settings defined by the depth map to the video.

    It's often time consuming but for still images, static, or consistent motion shots it can produce very nice results and takes care of the blured out edges on various layers for you.

    Colorists have a nice technique to help direct attention to certain parts of the screen. It normally tends to be called "spot colour correction". But the idea is to make it subtle. Duplicate your layer and create a mask on the foreground layer. This can be a square, and oval, or a more precise (but still not detailed) mask that follows the shape of an object. It can also be animated to follow if need be.

    Feather out the mask to create a smooth blend from the background to foreground layers. Now any colour adjustment differences between the layers should be subtle with the foregound being a touch brighter, warmer etc.. depending on what is required. The background can be ever so slightly blurred, under exposed etc... This does a similar job as using narrow depth of field but is very subtle and a serious colourist wont be happy if someone notices that they have done it. As long as it does it's job without being noticed is the aim.

    Another way to direct attention to certain parts of the screen is by simple editing. If the point of interest on one shot is to the lower left, and you have the viewers attention there, when you cut to the next shot the viewers eyes are going to be at that very same place. Now it depends on the content of the following shot as to whether they stay their or not and keeping this flow of points of focus smooth is great, as is forcing a viewer to have an uncomfotable time finding a new focus after a cut at certain moments during a thriller, horror etc..

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