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Thread: Instrumental music video

  1. Default Instrumental music video

    Just a video I made about a week ago, editing various internet clips and splicing them all together...
    The song consists of a recording of me and my piano, and then layering a beat and vocals.
    Hope you like it.

    and, if you like it, there's a link on the page for a free dl

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    I have to say, I like this music All sounds are made by you?
    I like the clip too, its little bit chaotic and multiple.. but it match with the sound.

    PS: Where is the "sea" clip from? Its beatiful.

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    Thanks Michal

    The sea clip is from a great inspiring video called the Island, here:
    " "


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    Thanks for the link.

    PS: I watched your video again and I need to say.. it has perfect atmosphere this music + video make special feeling.

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