Hi Folks.

Just wanted your opinions on a little side project i've been working on. I'm a composer that has tonnes of work on my hard drive thats just sitting there, and after a bit of a push from a mate who's a videographer, I've set up a place where people can listen to and buy/use my music.

Molecular Sounds - Welcome

The main selling point is, you have a no-restrictions/no time-limit license for just 99p. The downside, is that theres not much in terms of content *yet*. But it's in the early stages, I've worked closely with video production companies on this business model, so I'm really trying to create something thats completely different to whats out there at the moment. I also thought it'd be cool to include a place where people can scroll through tracks pretty quickly and easily to get a feel for music as they edit. It's a pretty crude set-up at the moment using soundcloud..but hopefully you get the idea.

Have a look, I'd be really interested to hear your feedback. Positive or negative. Is the site easy enough to navigate? Are the tracks of high enough quality? Not usable? Let me know.