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Thread: As I Am < Short Film

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    Default As I Am < Short Film

    Hey guys, here is the release of the film i was talking about last week. It's an experimental Shakespearean inspired short about getting over someone. Anyways I do hope you enjoy this project!

    AS I AM
    12 Minutes Long


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    This has to be one of your best ever Fred. I totally enjoyed it from beginning to end. Excellent titles, story, acting, filming, editing, sound, music. etc.....

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    im going to have to come back to this one ..... titles over a minute long in a 12 minute film :-/

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    It's not titles as there are no credits just the presents thing. We are giving the film a shakespearean book feel. Thanks for watching guys!

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    That was awesome, I love the titles at the beginning, it had that real epic feel to it with the music. The locations were great and the acting was believable. Really well shot, edited. Great job, real professional.

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    Wow. Amazing Job. You should be extremely proud of that.

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    Excellent job. The music just gets better and better.
    But just so we're not all becoming sycophantic, allow me to be picy if I may ... Was the line crossing in the first scene with the witchdoctor deliberate? If so why? And the cut at 3:40 has Antonio (quite apart from swapping sides on the screen) in a totally different stance. Once I spotted that it rather spoiled the movie for me for a while and it took me a bit of time to get back into it. (I wasn't studyng the film for issues, these just leapt out at me - sorry).

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    HI, very nice color grading and a refreshing change. The use of effects was minimal which I think is excellent due to the over expectations these days. I didn't like the witch.. her acting was pants how ever the black sorcerer very good and powerful like he should be in a legend film. What did he do though when he hit the ground with his fist?... no vibration or special effect , I expected something to happen.

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    I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it. I liked the stereo in the music. Congrats to the audio team. The text was easy to listen to and understand, but IMHO, it did not seem like Shakespeare (I prefer Iambic Pentameter and imaginative metaphors). I shall certainly watch it again in a few days time. I think it contains an alot of things worth examining.
    I am wondering whether the final witch (which TFV mentions) looks less menacing and witchlike because the camera points down to her. It it was on her level, perhaps her acting may appear less odd.

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    I have to comment this movie.. because its brilliant!
    I enjoyed that from the beginning to the end. Story, Actors, Costumes.... great and music? awesome

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