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Thread: HMC151 audio recording issues help please

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    Default HMC151 audio recording issues help please

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased the HMC151 camcorder to use with my current sennheiser mke 2-4-3 gold lavalier microphone.

    My previous camcorder was a Sony PD150P ( from the dinosaur era) which produced crystal clear sound with the sennheiser microphone.

    However on the panasonic HMC151 the audio unusable due to a high level of hiss.

    We've tried different cable combinations, gain, channel and input settings to no avail.

    Does any one have any insight on this? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks!


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    I meant to also say that my lavalier mic is XLR... the sound is normally pristine.

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    Default Totally stuck

    I imagine noone else has had this problem. It's the most bizzare thing. I've just borrowed over 3000 for this camera and I can't even use it!

    I am really stuck to the point where I wish I'd stayed with Sony (after much excitement from all the reviews I'd heard about this panasonic camera). I am not impressed with Panasonic at all - for the money they should at least provide something that gives good XLR audio otherwise I'd probably be better of with my 500 consumer model.

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    Sorry you're having this problem. It must be very frustrating.

    The fact that you haven't heard anything is basically good. Clearly no-one reading here has experienced the problem (and I guess you've looked elsewhere) so there's nothing wrong with the HMC151 per se. You've either got some setting seriously wrong, there's something odd about your mic or there's something wrong with your particular HMC151. Manufacturing faults/problems in transit do occur.
    Given the popularity of the HMC151 among discerning and competent users, I think any problems with the audio system would have reared their ugly head long ago.

    None of this helps you, of course. I'm guessing you bought off the internet. So you have to do the work and prove it's faulty yourself then send it back for a replacement or money back.

    This is the "cost" associated with the savings to be made from buying on-line. The few people who have problems are significantly more inconvenienced than if they'd bought it from a shop.

    In the "good old days" you'd simply return to the shop and the owner would test the camera with different mics & you mic with different cameras to establish the problem and reslolve it to your satisfaction.

    But, as a consumer society, we're no longger prepared to pay for that service. That's not Panasonic's fault - it what we demand of the retail channel.

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    Thank you for the reply Tim,

    Reassuring if anything. I did try every setting combination I could. I am really hoping that it is a simple issue where I have just need to flick a switch and it will work.

    I actually would much prefer to buy from a local shop although there don't appear to be any near where I live so I opted for Prestons in Malvern - even though it is a two hour drive (I have made the "purchase off the web from someone operating out of their garage without a clue" mistake before so I was determined not to do the same again)...

    So I've pretty much decided to make that trip their in person on Monday to get it to the bottom of it.

    Thanks for the encouragement

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    The HMC151 is similar to my camera, the HVX201. The only settings I know of on my camera are the volume knob and the channel selector these either work or not The one possible area that I can think of is the phantom power switch. If somehow your mic is not liking the power the camera is giving it (+48V) or has a different voltage or something of that nature do you have the phantom power adaptor for your mic (MKE 2 P-C).

    Please realise I'm just shooting in the dark with this as, I don't really have a clue. Oh, there is also the Mic/line switch but I'm sure you have that set right.

    Hope this helps. You have a nice camera with a good lav mic they should work very well.

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    Thank you for the thoughts.

    I don't have a phantom power adaptor for the mic as I've always used the on board phantom power from my old camera. Although intersting that you mention this, I have been wondering if it is microphone incompatability.

    The voltage of my MKE2 mic seems to be 7.5V (according the Sennheiser specifications)... we may have found the problem, in which case I might be better off buying a new lapel microphone. Will update after todays findings.

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    An update.

    My friend took the camcorder back to the store yesterday to try out some different microphones. It looks like your were spot on Midnight Blue...

    We tried the wireless radio mic sennheiser EW100 G3 which worked perefectly!
    Tried couple of much less expensive shotgun mics too to see how they responded (Rode NTG1 and a cheaper Sanken model), sounding decent (without hiss, which was the main objective).

    So, if anyone else experiences the hiss problem and is sure that all the settings are correct - try another microphone.

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    I'm glad you got to the bottom of your problem.

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