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Thread: Downloading and Editing YouTube Videos - How?!

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    Default Downloading and Editing YouTube Videos - How?!

    Hey Guys,

    I'm trying to download and edit some youtube clips however I am really struggling because of codec problems.

    I am using a program called YouTubeDownloader (from to download the videos and they playback on my PC fine. However when I try to edit them in MovieMaker (I am away from my Premiere PC sadly!) it cannot play the codec.

    I have installed G Spot but even that cannot recognise the codec!

    I have tried various other youtube downloaders but I get the same issue. Has anyone found something that works?

    Thanks in advance.

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    When you download do you get a choice between .flv and .mp4 files. If WMM can't edit .mp4 then you will have to convert them to .avi first.

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    Thanks for reply, I have tried to convert to .avi but I still have issues with MM not finding the codec. As I understand it .avi is only a wrapper and the actual codec within the wrapper can be different, is this correct? Any other suggestions?

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    That's right a .avi is just a wrapper. BUT GSport should be able to tell what it is I would assume you don't have the codec for what ever is inside. I use a progeram called Freemake Video Downloader and choose .mp4 which Vegas can play.

    The question is why are you downloading other peples videos ?

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    For reasons not as sinister as you may be thinking! I'm just trying to learn some editing tricks and techniques. I don't have enough footage myself and a lot of free stock footage is not that interesting so this is a good way of finding footage!

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