HELP! I just purchased the Sony HVR-Z1U and then heard about the upcoming JVC release of their GY-HD100. I come from the world of film, but absolutely believe in the embrace of emerging technologies. For me, as an Indi filmmaker with a start up company, The American Independent Film Company, www.taifc.com, I truly believe that content is king, not the medium.

So when I read about the Sony camera, I was enthusiastic about its possibilities. Iím aware that it does not shoot strictly shoot 24p and after talking to several editors, have been advised to shoot only at 1080i, 30 frames and do a 3/2 pull down as I load it into Final Cut HD 4. Iíve also been told that Final Cut HD 5 is about to come out and that it might contain the appropriate software for re-conversion to 24 frames, so that we can do a 35 blow up. After talking to many people and having done days of intense research on the net, it obviously is a quagmire of confusion out there.

My chief concern is that of image capture and ease of doing a film transfer. I know that itís way too early to know what either will look like blown up, but with a lot video experts out there, and me being a complete novice in this emerging medium, I really need some expert advice.

Have I wasted my money, hurt my chances of doing a great 35 blow up, or, even though the JVC is $3000.00 more, should I send the Sony camera back and wait for the JVC release, which might be June, or as late as September? We plan to shoot our first feature, in HD, starting in June, but could possibly push it, if we really need to. Our finances are very limited, and as this is our first film, we at least want to try and get the technical parts right. I would really appreciate any advice and should anyone care to, I can be emailed directly: info@taifc.com. Many thanks in advance, Max Myers.