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Thread: I can't trim .avi files in Vegas??

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    Question I can't trim .avi files in Vegas??

    So I have ripped some DVD's and converted them to .avi for usability on my laptop (or so I thought). But I open up Sony Vegas, find my .avi movie file, right click and press open in trimmer. I trim the clip giving it plenty of extra on each side, then save it as a sub clip. I then try to drag it into the Vegas timeline to trim it up a bit more and render it to use in other videos I'm making. But it wont let me add it... it just does nothing...

    Also, when I try to drag the entire 1gb movie file into the timeline, it works, but it only has video and no audio. Whats up with this?? I thought for sure vegas could work with .avi files! Do I have to convert all my movies to .wmv or something??

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    First thing I would do is find out what type of .avi it is and then see if the codec is installed properly. GSpot is a good program for this.

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    Okay, thank you, I will download it. Is it hard to use? I like your sig by the way, haha!

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    Your workflow has several undisclosed flaws in it.

    1] What software did you use to "rip"?

    2] Was the DVD copyright protected?

    3] Did you see an audio track in Trimmer? If you can, then you may not have selected it.

    And yes, Vegas WILL edit a compliant AVI. By elimination it would appear you haven't got such an AVI. An AVI is purely an envelope that can contain all types of encoded files. You need to have those AVIs that are compliant.

    Do you know that Vegas is quite capable of loading a DVD straight from the disc? I've done this often to reimport my own DVDs. Vegas will automatically produce editable MPEG2. If you can't do this then contact SONY Customer services. I'm sure they'd be glad to assist you.

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    So I have GSpot and opened my file in it, but I have no clue what to do with it now.


    1] I used DVD Shrink to take the files off the DVD, then I used AVS Video Converter to change the .vob files to .avi.

    2] Yes, it probably was. This particular one was Madagascar 2. Which I purchased from Barnes & Noble about a month ago.

    3] No, there is no audio track in the trimmer.

    I am new to all this, and it is all very confusing! Ahh!

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    So what you are trying to do is basically illegal and you're asking us to break the law by helping you.

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    I purchased the DVD for full price, it is mine. It is illegal to rip, then burn, and give/sell said copies. Not to back them up for my personal enjoyment. If my DVD breaks or gets scratched enough to where its not usable, should i have to pay $15 to buy another copy of the exact same thing? Besides which, they even sell movies with 'digital copies' now to prevent that situation. Everybody feels differant about this subject, and maybe you're an actual movie director or something, i dont know. But it looks to me that if I'm not giving away or selling copies of MY movie, and everything is staying on MY harddrive, then whats the problem?

    And concerning the part earlier where i wanted to take the movie and 'trim' out parts i wanted. I am actually making a remix video from a small part of one of my favorite movies, and there is this part in Madagascar 2 that i find hilarious, that i wanted to put at the very end of my video.


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    I'm not arguing what may or may not be right morally, I'm stating the facts. And the facts are the movie has had copyright protection and breaking that protection is illegal. When you buy a DVD you own that DVD - and - here's the important part - not the content.

    Whilst I'm a bit of a stickler for protecting copyright material, in this instance I was only highlighting the fact that what you are doing (and hence anyone helping you) is actually illegal. The reason I raise this time and again is because people simply do not know this. ***

    I blame the education systems which encourage pupils to copy photos, text, music and videos from the internet to include in their school projects (most countries allow this for educational establishments) but fail to inform students that what they are doing is only legal because the law allows it within said institutions.

    As far as I'm concerned what you want to do for your own enjoyment is absolutely fine, rip away. I know I've got some personal video that I dubbed commercial music onto before I owned the licence which allows me to.

    But that's my personal view. Not the law.

    *** EDIT: And discussing how to do it in a public forum is probably not a great idea!

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    Until you've spent years and years investing in both time and money in creating your OWN videos - WHICH I HAVE!!! - you don't have a moral foot to stand on.

    If you have done the same as I, you're still arguing a loosing position because there are those that DON'T wish to have their creations and investments RIPPED!

    Protecting somebody's creative activity is paramount. Without the ability that that being the case why should ANY creative bother, if they aren't getting their full due? Without that protection creatives would get stifled out of existence. Having the narrow and questionable "MY MOVIE" attitude is a misleading idea. It is NOT your movie. It's copyright belongs to all those that have spent time in protecting their creative output. Your attempt to break it should indicate to you that "somebody" does NOT want you to do it. So again your argument is hollow.

    As I said, until you've produced some creative output - which I have - had clients commissioning you to do so - I have and do - and THEN have somebody try and rip you off - I have!!! - I'm of the opinion that your ungracious "MY MOVIE" comment speaks reams.
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    Oh this is precious:" If my DVD breaks or gets scratched enough to where its not usable, should i have to pay $15 to buy another copy of the exact same thing?"

    Yeah try that at your local Currys or Nissan dealership or any bright and shiny shop?!?! Oooh I've scratched my Jag! I want a new one for free!

    No, what you SHOULD be able to do is to take that DVD to a DVD repair centre, PAY for a repair and replace option. But only if you can prove initial purchase. Why is this any different to getting a TV set repaired UNDER warranty?

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