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    Hello everybody,

    I just started with working on a little project and I'm looking for a way to have multiple videos playing at the same time , sort of like how most internetsites use frames. This effect I'm aiming for is used lot's of times on TV, and I think it looks pretty cool. Is it possible to realize it with adobe. I've included a picture to make it a bit more clear what I want.

    1 2 and 3 stand for the different videos.

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    This effect is called Picture in Picture, and is one of the easiest effects to achieve. Simply make use of 3 video layers and lay your videos (1, 2 and 3) on the seperate tracks. Now resize each video to fit.

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    Thank you, it worked like a charm.

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    What program are you guys using? (this is probably a really stupid question, but i cant find the effect so i'm just checkin)

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    Most likely Premiere given the section it's posted in.

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