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Thread: Finger Warfare - action short

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    Default Finger Warfare - action short

    We shot this for our last project in a multimedia class. Didn't have much time to film it and a couple of opening shots were a little shaky on accident, but you gotta work with what you got right?
    This is just a little action short, filled with special effects and awesomeness.
    Enjoy! Feedback is welcome!

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    This is not the sort of thing I would normally watch, the dodgy camera work is dodgy but I liked the commitment guy the guys and the fx are done well.

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    I thought it was quite well done. It was a silly but sound idea and at least you went to the trouble of coming up with a narrrative and thew in a couple of gags along the way (I particularly liked the "hand" grenade.
    As a film though, there wasn't really enough material for the length. Once we've got the idea, showing more and more of the same doesn't really add anything - in fact it detracts from the film. And, of course, we have no empathy with any of the characters so we don't care who wins (and that is surprisingly important in an action film - even a comedy one).

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