I have a sony hdr-sr8e (I think) And the quality is pretty good, but the image blurs WAY too much upon even slight movement (Even on a really bright day) to be any use at all for motion tracking. The footage is (according to the EXIF data) 1440x1080 (NOT TRUE HD if you ask me, since it's letterboxed) and 50i fps.
Currently, my workflow is to decompress it to 25 fps uncompressed avi in procoder so I can import it into after effects, from there I can export it as a tga sequence for boujou. Might it be better to leave it interleaved and let after effects de-interlace it? (Is this top field first, or bottom. The manual has no useful technical data) Oh, and does anyone know the size of the film-back of this camera?
I have hicon32 which can aparently de-interlace without merging the fields in a way that causes blurring, but it doesn't accept avchd, so if I export AVI at 50i fps from procoder should I set it to lower or upper field first? (See my above question) Sorry if that doesn't make any sense. I'm kinda typing in 5 second bursts and I keep forgetting what I've already said