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Thread: Analogue to Computer Problem!

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    Default Analogue to Computer Problem!

    Ive got a Sony Handy Cam (CCD-TRV107E is the model no.), and I am trying to import the video from tap into Sony Vegas movie studio. Ive got a Geforce 6600 GT card. Is there a way I can do this? I need to backup dozens of tapes before the quality gets to subzero.

    Would appreciate any help.



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    hi, i'm assuming the graphics cards has vivo (video in, video out, or says tv out ect) which probably means it can take in svideo. i wasn't able to find any stats of your cam but if it has svideo out you should be able to just plug it in using an svideo cable, if though it only has composite out (resembling phono, for attaching to a tv) you can still use the svideo by means of a small converter costing a couple of quid which you can then use to attatch your cam to your pc. though if the cam has usb or firewire you should be able to just connect it up. this is all assuming that you didn't know where to start with importing video, as i wasn't quite clear with your post, though i'm assuming it's a problem with the connecting as this post is in the hardware section.

    hope this helps

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