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Thread: My first 18 sec clip

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    Cool My first 18 sec clip

    Hello there is my first clip filmed with JVC everio GZ-mg360. And use program Ulead video studio 11.

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    That's a great little video. With a good message. When you did the editing you seem to have fallen into a fixed rhythm with the clips length. It's a good idea to break up this rhythm. Sometimes leaving an image on the screen longer can create a better impact.

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    I really thought it was good too. When i watched it I was reminded of a heartbeat, and I wonder whether, as an alternative to Midnights valid points about breaking up the rhythm, making it even more rhythmic - exactly mimicking a raised heartbeat - with a flatline at the end. It wuld be obvious to do this with a heartbeat sound and/or a heart monitor machine sound, but silent is even more frightening.

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    I really liked the look of it, nice grading. I like the idea of the heart beat rhythm you got going on there, I don't know if it was supposed to be a heart beat but it works, I wanted the shot at the end with the bird which symbolised the flatlining to last a little longer and maybe fade out. I don't think you need music for this, maybe some sound design, a base line to add some atmosphere or something. Good work.

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