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Thread: How to light this scene ? please help

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    Default How to light this scene ? please help

    I am producting this video:

    But I need to do it with proper lighting, so it would look profesionally done. Could you please help with with some advice as to what lights would you use, and how should I light this scene?.
    I have budget to rent lights and eventually we will buy our own, I think the company will be willing to spend some $700.00 to buy lights. So if you have suggestions on lights I should rent/buy please let me know

    This particular test was shoot using a homedepot light, and it was situated some 6 feet tall and right behind the camera.
    I am using this camera:

    thank you so much

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    I don't think it looks to bad with the Homedepot lights. Perhaps if you attach something like baking parchment to diffuse the light you would loose the shadow on the opposite wall OR you could buy some lights with soft-boxes that will give a nice gentle light. I'm not expert enough to recommend any particular brand but that might get you started in your search.

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    It looks like you have two different light sources, like a window or some flourescent lights along with your tungsten lights. All you really need is one light with a big soft box to light up this face. Your location looks pretty lit exept for your talent. I recommend a daylight balance light.

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