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    Default Feedback on music video

    Hi, my name is Max Iím a TV-photographer & Editor student from Denmark.

    I would love to get some feedback on a music video Iíve just made. What could I do better next time?

    I did the light, camera and editing..
    Camera: Canon 5D MKII
    Edit in: Final Cut Pro

    I hope to get some good feedback..

    Thank You

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    Very well shot Max. It looks technically very good to me. Sorry I can't find anything wrong with it.

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    My only criticism is that theres a bit too much face at the beginning. It almost implies that all I'm going to see is face throughout and its going to be dull, I've only continued to watch because you've asked for an opinion on the video. Had I been a normal viewer I would have switched off in the first 30 seconds.
    Needs more intrigue at the beginning maybe..

    Technically though very good, and aside from the first 30ish seconds I did enjoy it

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