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Thread: What is a Drunk?

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    Default What is a Drunk?

    Oh yes its me. A film making parodys of the different kind's of drunks you can find at K.U. Yeah it's sily and it's not perfect.

    Yeah I know It's sily but I'm not really that serious of a guy these days.

    All that matters to me is that it was fun to make.

    The kid everyone love to hate.

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    As you have posted this here, I'll comment here. I think the initial idea could have been funny because of the poor filming and editing it just didn't work for me. I'm too old fashioned I guess, I like a piece to be well filmed as well as having a good story or points of interest. The humour level is not my kind of thing, I am not you intended audience but I was willing to give it a good looking at but after a short time I did loose interest in it. I liked the opening bit but after that is went down hill.

    I see you tried to use some lighting so well done for trying but to be honest if you are a video student you should be using the tools better than you are. I liked the opening bit but after I thought that it went down hill.

    Your earlier work was better than this.

    My free advice (take it or leave it as you wish).

    Art is about communication with a technical ability to bring about the communication intended. You have to use enough technical skill with out concentrating so much on the technical side you loose the communication. So it is a balance of these things which brings about a good piece of art. I think you need to work on your technical skills to enable you to bring out the communication you are trying to achieve.

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    I thought you were being rather harsh, Midnight, expecting others' output to match the same high standards you set yourself until you reminded me

    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    but to be honest if you are a video student you should be using the tools better than you are.
    I thought the home movie look/feel was quite appropriate for the subject matter, but I woldn't think a student's going to get good marks for a film that looks like it was shot by his kid sister (with apologies to kid sisters everywhere).

    However, the opening/end piece was good and the sound was clear throughout. I didn't think the quality of the film got in the way of the humour - it simply wasn't funny (for the rest of the world, I'm sure you had a whale of a time making it).

    So, in a sense, I disagree with Midnight, the film clearly communicates what we knew already - College Students find drunks funny!

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    Tim, are you sure you're not related to Mrs M. Finding a way to dissagree with me even when you agree.

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    Thank you for your critisms

    I do agree that the shacky camera work backfired and completely destroyed the effect I wanted for the hand held feel.

    but the humor is def aimed at a party animal jock crowd that you would find at partys so this probably wasn't the best forum to post this in.

    The kid everyone love to hate.

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