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Thread: The Cube - ITV - 360 degree shots

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    Default The Cube - ITV - 360 degree shots

    Decided i would sign up here as was looking around google for how the shots were done, and couldnt find anything, but came across this forum form it and it looked quite good.

    So may aswell ask here if any1 has any idea how they are done ? Not that i want to recreate them, just out of curiosity as i can usually work out how it would be done, but this 1 i cant. For any1 who hasnt seen the show and don't know what im on about, it is a shot like this :

    at 15 seconds, they usualy do them a full 360 around 'the cube' but im struggling to find a clip with that atm!!

    anyway, hope to get to know more of you on the site soon.

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    Google "The Matrix" and "Bullet Time" for indepth explanations.

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    Hi There
    I produce Bullet time movies, you can see some of my work here "Bullet Time Photography".

    Whoever setup the bullet time in The Cube have used 2 straight bars rather than a curved bar and have mounted many cameras along the bar.

    There are many pictures and videos of bullet time photography on my website there showing the rigs we use and how it all works.

    I hope this helps

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