Hello, I'm brand new to these forums, so bear with me here...

So I downloaded a short clip off youtube using VDownloader, which automatically converted the clip to a usable format; .avi. So now I have this 0.49 second clip of Frozone asking where his suit is. Great! Now I want to put it in a video using Sony Vegas 10. So I open up Sony Vegas, click New, then click 'Match Media Settings', which then I proceed to locate the clip I just downloaded. When I find it, I double click it, only to get a message that pops up saying that this video clip contains no video and therefore cannot be used to match the media settings with. Confused, I went to the containing folder to play the video. It played just like it should. After enjoying my favorite part of the movie ('You tell me where my suit is, woman!! We're talking about the greater good!') I went back to Sony Vegas to try to add it into another project, maybe that would work? So I opened up something else I was working on, and dragged the clip into the timeline. It only imported the audio of the clip! Very strange. I'm new to Sony Vegas so i'm not sure what to do. I've added some screenshots to assist in the troubleshooting, if it helps at all. Thank you so much for your help!!

God bless,