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Thread: Need Video Card Help Please (GTX 285)

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    Default Need Video Card Help Please (GTX 285)

    I bought my computer late last year along with Adobe CS5. It's a pretty decent computer but my only problem is that I have an ATI Radeon 5850 and it doesn't work very well with After Effects. So I'm thinking of buying an Nvidia GTX 285. So my questions are:

    - Will buying this card make a significant difference when using After Effects?
    - Does the brand that manufactures it matter a whole lot (ex. EVGA, Leadtek)?
    - Will it be difficult to install this new card? (I'm not a computer genius but I know enough to know that I don't know very much)

    This is my exact computer model: Buy the Gateway FX6831-01 Refurbished Desktop PC at

    I greatly appreciate help of any sort

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    Hi Joose,

    The CUDA equipped NVidia cards definitely speed up CS5. I've fitted a modest GTX 260 which is giving me real time rendering with lots of layers, effects etc, so the GTX 285 should be even better. The minimum spec for CS5 is 512MB of RAM but more video ram especially DDR5 is preferable (faster). If your card is not on the list of Adobe approved CUDA cards, its very easy to edit the config file to add it.

    Hope this helps,


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