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    Hi there
    I am trying to make a shadow study for a building and I needed some help!!
    Basically, I took slides from Sketchup added a clock adjusted to the correct time according to the shadow, at the top of each image and now i want to make it like a video.
    I did that with windows movie maker but the result isnt what i see this is for a presentation so it was to be as realistic as possible.
    and here is my there a way in Premiere to add the between scenes so that it looks continues? I mean i want the clock to be running and the shadows to change smoothly.
    now i just have some images the one after the other and it doesnt look good.
    hope you understand what i need and i am waiting for some help here!!
    thanks a lot in advance

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    Unless you could use some sort of morphing program I'm not sure what you could do with this. It sounds like a full on animation job.

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    You would have to do this in a 3d app for the most realistic look.

    Let me know if I can help. I also do 3d animation.



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