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    Hi guys,

    I'm putting together a sponsorship video and was hoping to get some advice from people who have had experience or some advice to offer on how to put it together before I start editing. It's going to be aimed at sports supplement companies and also companies such as red bull. The content in the video is acrobatics/bodyweight (such as gymnastic rings and hanstands) and weightlifting. I know it has to be short and sweet and to make it obvious why they should choose you over someone else. On that note one of the main focuses is to demonstrate variety so for someone who can tumble quite well may not be able to control themselves well in handstands or on the rings I want to show that we (me and my friend) have a VARIETY of skills to offer. So any advice in this area of advertising oneself would be very appreciated.

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    I think if you're going for big corporate sponsors you have to be very professional in your approach. That includes your initial contact, presentation etc, they will want to know what benefit they will get from giving you money, it's not just about them thinking you are good at what you do. You should make the best professional looking video possible or they will dismiss you very quickly. So it might be worth investing in a professional camera man to do the shoot for you. I'm sure someone local would give you a reasonable quote if you explain what the shoot is for.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice. We've already got all the footage and just need to edit it together now. I'll post it up when it is done. I have a day free this week to edit it, I would prefer to work on it over a week or so but the 'Australian Health and Fitness Expo' is on in Sydney this weekend which is a perfect opportunity to show potential sponsors what we can offer. Hiring a camera man would be lovely but as a full time student I don't know if I could afford it. I have no idea what price ranges are actually the price I know of is $5000 a day for phantom camera hire, haha. I would expect it to be around 100-200 a day?

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    I've no idea what a local wedding videographer guy would normally charge in Oz but I was thinking they might do you a favour if you explained what your purpose was.

    Good luck with the Expo.

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    I like your thinking. I'm off to build some rapport...
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