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Thread: Dramatic Reading: Rebecca Black - Friday

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    Cool Dramatic Reading: Rebecca Black - Friday

    For anyone who hasn't caught the Rebecca Black song, friday, count yourself lucky. But let me bring to you the profound words of this song, dramatically.

    I had fun with this one, I found this fantastic location. An old boys village that was run by the coal mining board in wales, it was abandoned as the industry also declined. It was used as an airsoft site sometime in the 90's but that didn't last, has been open to the elements and vandalism for the last decade or so.

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    Perfect Matt. Well except one slight wobbly shot of the toilet @1.40 well I had to fine something. This was very well filmed, sound, editing AND most important some lauph out loud moments. I'm not familiar with the origional song and I think I should be glad about that.

    Well done Matt.

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    This was great. Your sarcastic tone and expression reminded me of Mr.Gilbert from 'The Inbetweeners". I loved the shots (especially the graffiti at 2:3.

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    You know what it is
    I got this you got this
    Very nice. You should make more like this.

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    I definitely had fun making it, MB count yourself lucky if you haven't heard the original, it's poor.

    I think this is all about location, I don't think it would have been quite the same anywhere else.

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    The location was interesting, mainly due to the great way you captured it. Things like the long shots with the sun rays coming through the roof etc. Great shots. and very well performed. I think this is better than your last dramatic reading and thet was very good.

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    Great reading. There seem to be a number of versions of this song now on YouTube and this was one of them.

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    The song is all that is wrong with the music industry, auto-tuned and dumb as chips, the original only made it so big based solely on the hate it generated. This is my own way of poking fun in my not too harsh sort of way.

    I agree midnight, I prefer this over my last dramatic reading. I think the location makes it, but also I didn't dress up and put on silly glasses, so it's more about the reading itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay_9 View Post
    The song is all that is wrong with the music industry,
    To be fair, for once it wasn't the music industry's fault. As I undesrtand it, it was her parents who paid a company to produce the recording and video and put it up on You Tube. It was the fact that it started generating so much interest that the industry became involved. Taking this even further it is the artist (or family) who retain copyright and have hired the musical services of publicists management etc.
    So despite the attrocious song, performance etc we should be lauding her as a truly independent artist. This industry had little to do with her success. It's the public we should blame.
    But even they weren't hyping it because it was good - quite the reverse.

    There seem to be echoes of "The Producers" here.

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