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Thread: Short bike video - most views gets sent to france, help me!!

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    Exclamation Short bike video - most views gets sent to france, help me!!

    Hey guys,

    So there’s currently a competition running in australia which requires a video and the answer to: ‘how far would you go to get to the tour de france’.

    After a few days of filming and editing my friend and i came up with something.

    The video with the most views at the end of a competition completion wins a trip for two to France to watch the tour – which is a lifelong dream.

    Anyway – here is the video. it’s a bit over 2 minutes long:

    I know it’s a big ask but if you enjoy it I beg you to show your friends/facebook.

    if you have any constructive criticism i would love to hear it! It is only my second time filming a video like this.

    It was filmed with a GoPro HD + Canon 5d (most shots). Edited with Adobe Premier.

    Thanks guys!!

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    I really enjoyed that. I think the Canon 5d really helped in making some of those shots look great. I liked the music, narration and humour. I have to ask what the point was of having a vehicle tied to your bike when you weren't even peddling? I think it may have been a joke as well. If so maybe try to keep the serious part together and have kept the humour just at the end because if it was a joke with the vehicle it distracted me from the video because I was trying to workout why you'd walk your bike up a hill with the vehicle attached.

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    The voice over seemed a bit "roomy" to me as though there was a lot of hard objects, floor, walls etc. You would be better either to try speaking a little closer to the mic or even better find a better room which is dead sound wise. One with more soft furnishings, big curtains etc. Like a bed room. This will give you a better sound.

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