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Thread: Problem converting extension .H264

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    Exclamation Problem converting extension .H264

    plz guys, you are my only hope. well, i'm trying to extract video, audio and sub files from MKV with MKVExtractGUI2, but after that, the video comes in .H264 extension file (with EVERY MKV file), well, ok, done that, i trying to convert that .H264 file to AVI, but the problem is, the video after converted came with all the FPS changed! i'm using a program called Format Factory, i chose the FPS i want to output, but never works! for example, a video file is 24~24.100 FPS, i can only choose between 24 or 25 FPS on output, but the vid comes with a different audio and subs sinchrony (when i play it on MKV format, everything works fine), i dont know what more to do! cuz i cant play H264 extension files (i ve already tried with VLC player and codecs) directly in a player after i use MKVExtractGUI2, and even if a could, im trying to edit subs using Aegisub (for ASS extension and more precise to make subs, for me the best) which cant open files like MKV or H264 on it (to make a better sub, its important to open the sub and video files, right?). so, how i can extract a video from MKV files, WITHOUT change it properties (FPS), and convert this file (H264) to AVI without change FPS? any other programs to recommend me? pls! thx!

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    I have this problem too, Please help me

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