*Like I previously posted, I have my friends Sony VRD-VC20 DVD Recorder (straight from analog to DVD recorder, most tell me it's crap and over hyped) But again, I do not have a Dazzle USB just yet.I'm going to re-install the Studio 12, and try it again with the capture to see if it works.
One person here suggested this method of capture. I guess this is what he meant.

Video Source - VHS-C tapes in a VCR tape cassette. (or my JVC analog camcorder)

VCR's Video and Audio OUT, into DVR recorder Audio/ Video- IN, then Audio / Video - OUT into USB Capture device,then capture in STUDIO. Is this your way? Correct me if I'm wrong or does anyone have any similar experience with this hook up. I bought both Studio 12 last year and Studio14 Ultimate last January, but having major sync problems with PCI-500 card that only captures Video-IN/OUT, and the source Audio goes into the system sound, so it's always about a 6 sec delay from start to finish. I hear the voices before I see their lips move.

Funny how most tell me they have non-issues with this type of analog capture, but the fact that two separate time codes are are going into two difference inputs convince me it's not entirely my computers fault. it's a bad PCI capture design. other manufacturers have Audio and Video on the same PCI link. What gives?

Thank you for any help!