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Thread: Do I need to increase paging files size before installing studio12?

  1. Question Do I need to increase paging files size before installing studio12?

    Someone mentioned I should go to CONTROL PANEL> SYSTEM> ADVANCED> PERFORMANCE> SETTINGS> ADVANCED>VIRTUAL MEMORY>CHANGE TO FROM "CUSTOM SIZE" to "SYSTEM MANAGED SIZE". Has anyone else done this with better performance of Studio?
    Currently, on my C:/ Boot Drive with paging files, I have
    Custom Size (MB) - Initial of 2046 MB, and the
    Maximum Size (MB) - 4092.
    It states that the Minimum allowed is 2MB. Currently allocated is 2046, and RECOMMENDED IS 4990 MB.
    On my Second F:/ Drive, NO PAGING FILE is checked. (space available-344877 MB)
    Should I leave these amounts alone, do I just increase the paging files for my C:/ Drive, or enable my F: drive some paging files too?
    Background Story ~
    I have posted here before in the EDIT and CAPTURE Forums concerning my issues with the OOS (Out of sync) VIDEO going into the Video-IN of the PCI-500 capture card, and the AUDIO going into a RCA which connects to the "Y" cord, and into the AUDIO INPUT of the system sound card. (Not any PCI Sound card)
    I've been told to free up resources when capturing, by closing all running programs using the MSCONFIG and un-checking all the programs, and that's after DEFRAGGING the system, and shutting as many programs off in the TASK BAR, including the clock.
    I have a WD 74GB Raptor HDD as my BOOT Drive, with my apps installed there, and a secondary onboard WD 500GB HDD for storage (Docs,mp3's, Jpgs, and Photoshop .psd files, etc. )
    I originally installed the Studio Movieboard 12 last April of 2010. I had out of sync issues all the while. In January of 2011, I uninstalled the Studio12, and installed the newer Studio Ultimate HD 14 title, thinking this may help, but still I am having problems.
    I just de-fragged both drives, created a restore point, and will close all running programs, turn off my anti-virus, go offline, Increase my desktop resolution from currently 1024x768 TO 1680x1050 32BIT, why? I don't know how that would make any difference, then install the Studio12 into the C:/ Drive. I will direct all completed video files output to the second F:/ HDD, and not on the small 74GB C: / Drive.
    Again, I will convey to you all, that I think the problem is..... That there is no real Time code, or Audio / Video sync when two separate inputs are coming into and going to two different devices. A few have mentioned that they have not had any issues at all with the PCI-500 capture card and getting dropped frames or out of sound issues.
    Basically, I hear the voices about 6 seconds before I see their lips move. On Ultimate14, I have been told to lock in the Video, then slide the audio to the right until they are in sync...C'mon, it's not that easy and I have about 50 VHS-C analog camcorder tapes to burn to DVD.
    As far as my specs below, most tell me I should not have any problems with hardware I have listed.
    P-35 Platinum MS-7345 Mobo
    Windows XP Home Edition SP3
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs)
    2.4 GHz, 3328 MB RAM (3.3GB)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512 MB Memory Size
    Realtek HD Audio Output Sound
    DirectX version: 9.0c
    Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035wm Series Widescreen 16:9
    NERO 9
    PCI-500 Capture card that came with the Studio Movieboard 12.1.
    Other suggestions for install? It will be much appreciated! Everyone has their own opinions and fixes, and I've tried most of them, with no luck, so far. There is something quirky about this Studio and my computer that's preventing me to capture correctly. I'd rather get this faster PCI capture card than a 2.0 USB Dazzle capture, but as far as analog, it should make that much difference. My analog Camcorder does not have Firewire, only RCA audio and video in/outs. If I only had a DV camera to use as a PASS THROUGH, maybe that would work.

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    Someone from another forum said this~

    No reason to have a paging file anywhere but on your system drive. But yes, I would let Windows manage the size of that paging file. Otherwise you run the risk of hitting a situation where you need a larger paging file than is allowed by the maximum setting.
    So that said, Go back and designate "SYSTEM MANAGED SIZE", and turn off CUSTOM in the System Performance advanced settings tab?
    Also, Do not set the secondary F: Drive to any paging files, only on the boot C: drive? Thanks
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