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Thread: My first short film as part of College project.

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    Default My first short film as part of College project.

    Hello everyone,

    I am band new to this forum and I am pretty excited to get some feedback on my latest work. I am a student at the University of Cincinnati, USA majoring in electronic media production. Anyway, this is a short film I made in roughly a 2 weeks as part of our final project for class.

    The link below is to my website which has the short film at the top, along with the rest of my work. I'd love to get any feedback I can, thanks a lot!

    Video Editing

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    I thought it was really nicely shot and edited. Although the story was quite basic you did build up the tension well towards the end when he's running back to try and delete the post and I did actually get quite into it. Nice use of the slow motion, some people can over do effects like that when they learn how to use them but you didn't which shows maturity. I really like the use of the music, at times it seemed like it was an original score because of the way it fitted in so well with the images. technically I didn't really see many problems with the way you shot it but the dialogue wasn't too hot, did you boom it because sometimes it sounded like you were recording the audio with the on board mic which gives it a distant echoey sound. All round a good piece of work.


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    I'll deal with the nit picking stuff first. Lighting was poor for student of your level which I found disappointing but I suppose I don't even know what your course covers. There were some basic out points such as the colour/white balance @ 5:35 pink, then the same room @ 5:43 yellow. OR was that supposed to be some sort of artistic point to show the difference in mind set from the girl and boy. What ever the reason it confused this viewer, one who is use to continuity. I also found the editing of the running scene confusing, to me the way it was edited me me think he was closer the the girl than he actually was OR he was further away than I think he was OR some part of both OR neither. In other words stylistically it was nicely put together but at one point it seemed like he was only a few yards away from her, then she wasn't anywhere in sight.

    The plus points, I liked the people and the story and the film made me want him to "get the girl" so from a story telling point, it did well and that is the main point about a movie, getting a good story across. SO your movie contains some really good points and some really bad points.

    I don't know what your course entails but it would be nice if you could get some basic training on how to light a scene.

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    enjoyed that

    as others have picked up on... lighting was a bit dark, i noticed some auto exposure kicking in a few times too. sound was a bit over the placve.... i had to watch twice and really concentrate on what was being said.....

    i think the bit where he's thinking about what to do after his friend leaves is a bit too long ? im guessing this was cut to the sound track ? also running back to his apartment through the streets, campus etc was a a bit too drawn out (for me) still.... an enjoyable short.

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    Hi That is the best short film I have seen tonight... Very touching and covers a modern issue with young people. I liked the consistancy in color and I can say it was edited well even if I am quite new to this. You put a touch of magic into this. I didn't like the colour balance off sort of look indoors where she was taking advice from an elder but Yeah spot on!...

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    Hello Nicholas,

    I discovered this forum today and first topis I see is this. I watched your short movie and I really enjoyed that!

    Beatiful clips, colours, music (pretty) and also story. This is really good short movie. I started watching it and I forgot everything around me. I was like "I know this story... ".

    Really exciting! Good luck in your next projects!
    Mike V.

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    I really enjoyed your film, it really drew me in and made me know what was going to happen.

    There were clearly ways of improving it, most of which have been mentioned above, but you're a student! Students learn and if you are willing to continue to learn then I am sure your films will go from strength to strength.

    Good work!


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    The criticisms above are all entirely valid. I've nothing to add other than to add name to the list of people who thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done.

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    Do you think he's going to bother coming back to comment on the comments. :(

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