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    I tried a few different things with the shooting of this video.. Not a great story line if any however i'm working on it for the next one i post. Let me know your thoughts

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    Technically, I think this video carries it's self because of the rhythm of the editing fitting well with the music. You have over 300 hits on YouTube in less than 24 hours with this video. I've only every had one video go over 300 hits and that was taken down because it had the Olympic logo in it. :( So you are communicating at the right level to your market audience. Of which I, most definitely, am not. I am middle aged, middle class, I even sponsor an anti drug charity. So we are personally chalk and cheese. BUT I have seen you grow as a film maker and see improvements in your videos as you gain more experience. I just wish you could film something with a more positive message. AND take away this stereotype image of rap culture. Google to see what I mean BUT that's a personal thing.

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