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    Hello, I have hi8 tapes I wish to capture to my PC. The HI-8 is a Sony Video Cassette Player/Recorder Model EV C-3 NTSC. I am using a Canon Zr65 Camera to use as a pass through to my computer via firewire. When I just just play the tape from the Sony player througth the Canon the picture is jumpy and white snowlike appears on the screen the audio seems OK, haven't tried to capture yet just wanted to see if the pass through connection was alright. I am using the provided STV-250N Stereo Video cable that came with the camera, and plugging it into the Video and Audio outs. The video out of the Sony is phono jack 1vp-b, 75 ohms unbalanced, sync negative, and the audio out is phono jack -7.dBs. Can anyone tellme why this is happening or amI doing something wrong?? Any help you can provide me is greatly appreciated.

    Please dis reguard this post as I found the culprit that's right the tapeplayer was the culprit.
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