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Thread: Sony Vegas,strips in the render video

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    Default Sony Vegas,strips in the render video

    Hi, first of all, i am so amazed about this forum, i read lots of greats tips and advice in just few minutes of being looking around, awesome job, congratulatios
    Well, guys, i will try to describe my problem, i got this since some days ago and i never being feeling so frustrated with it, i cant believe i dont find the solutions for this and i reach my limit, so, i have to ask.

    I record my videos using Fraps, the raw video is an avi file which looks good when i play it on VLC or windows media player, but, when i try to edit this with sony vegas, for some reason i am getting this horribles strips along the video, i have divx installed and i tried to render with it, but also happens with default config:

    Does anyone know how to solve it?
    Thanks guys

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    If this only happens in the preview window this is normal as the preview screen doesn't deinterlace. BUT if this happens after rendering it looks like you need to change the field order to none Progressive. This will deinterlace the video and get rid of the combing artifact.

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    Not sure but I used a different screen capture program and had to use a different codec ten then one supplied and it cured it

    CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

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    Guys, thanks so much for your advice, i can't understand why i didnt set the non progressive scan off, i always set that to off but seems like i was stuck in my mind, the video is rendered without those strips and everything seems to be ok; also, after check for a while i saw this thread :

    Thank you, you help me a lot.
    Bye for now and see you around :

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