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Thread: A video for the Forum

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    Default A video for the Forum

    How about a short descriptive video of the forum? A mini comp?

    The attached is a starter that includes forum contributorsí vid clips. Donít really know how far to go with it. It could be ok with the right treatment.

    If anyone objects to my (mis)use of their video, or their name, I wonít carry this forward. As usual, any opinions welcome.

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    Great idea! Well done tone33!

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    Good stuff... Cool!

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    Very impressed. Great idea. Very cool.

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    I Love it... The computer that i am on right now dose not have any sound but, from what i saw it is a great idea, if i have time later i might do a little somthing like that aswell... Good work...

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    Cheers, all. The idea's not bad, is it?

    Praise indeed from one as accomplished as yourself, Mr Moldy. So you feel inspired to create something?

    Well, remember what the forum regulars have been telling you - 'spruce it up a bit', and 'give it some flavour'.

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    Bit like the "trailer" for the competition DVD:

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    A bit like it in that those comp winners were the easiest ones to include as a 'showcase'. I didn't consciously try to steal your thunder.

    In fact, there was a few to choose from - and they weren't in that last comp. The video 'wall' shows all sorts of little clips, bits'n'pieces from months back.

    It was only an idea worth trying, so I gave it some welly.

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    i was going to do one just like that a few weeks back never did in the end so gd work for putting my ideas forward

    gd to see my names in there overall a gd movie

    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karbine
    gd to see my names in there
    Feh. Never mind the guy with the 3rd most amount of postings!


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